Thursday, July 2, 2009

At what point will we acknowledge that Obama's economic strategy has failed?

The stimulus hasn't stimulated. Most members of congress weren't even given a chance to read the package because they were told it was so urgent. Turns out, that stimulus money won't hit the economy for several years. It was not stimulative, it just grew government. The consequences of that move have not been felt yet, but they will be negative and they will eventually be felt.

When will the country acknowledge that Obama's policies have failed to fix the economy? His folks will never admit failure, so don't wait for them to admit anything. They're stuck on blaming Bush for everything bad that has or will ever happen. I'm sure that when Obama stubs his toes at night, that it's Bush's fault for putting the bed too close to the dresser.

What will it take? When will the American people give Obama the blame for this economy? I believe that so many of the citizens of our country are so enamored by Barack's persona that they are cutting him a ton of slack. So much slack that the dow will have to hit a low of 5000 and unemployment at 15% for the majority of people to realize that they have elected the wrong guy.

Taxing energy and expanding health care will only make things worse.

My only hope is that the pain occurs before 2012 so we can get back onto the road to recovery...instead of having a wasted decade and a great depression part II.


JD said...

I guess stubbed toes will now be referred to as "Bush-whacked"? :) Great posts. Really insightful views into Consecrationism as well. Keep up the good work, I'll look forward to your future posts.

JD @

JD said...

Oh, and to add to your comments of how they blame Bush - just take a look at the video of Biden admitting they misread the economy.

As you'll see, it wasn't that they misunderstood our free market economy, it was that they just didn't understand the magnitude of the economic mess "they inherited"..Ugh....

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